Saturday, March 03, 2007

Time Out of Mind

Stephen Merchant in the new issue of Word talking about things to play on the radio. "'One More Cup of Coffee' is from Bob Dylan's later period so people have kind of ignored it." The funny thing here is that 'One More Cup of Coffee' comes from Desire which was recorded in 1975, a mere 13 years after his first record and a substantial 31 years before his most recent one. This would make it, if anything, from his "early period". It's funny how people have trouble distinguishing actual time from career time. The cliched view of Bob Dylan is that his career actually took place in the 60s and everything since has been some kind of aftermath. That's because they can't separate an artist's work from their impact. Bob Dylan was obviously never again going to be as big a story as he was in the 60s but we don't know that posterity won't decide that his high point was Time Out of Mind or Nashville Skyline or even Dylan and The Dead. No, scratch that last one.


  1. I liked this post a lot. Having experienced all Bobs,I don't know what to say about a high point.

  2. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Early - to 1964
    Mid - 65 to 67
    Late - 68 to the present.

    Simple as that!