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Friday, March 16, 2007

Product placement and charity

Unworthy I know, but Comic Relief puts me in a bad mood and so I avoid it. I made an exception for last night's Comic Relief Does The Apprentice because I like the show and I'll generally watch things with Danny Baker in them.
Course, that's another hour of my life I won't get back.
The format doesn't work with celebrities. People with the slightest degree of self-effacement just disappear into the background (though I couldn't decided whether Rupert Everett's early resignation because of the TV cameras was evidence of modesty or madness) leaving the foreground to be occupied by Piers Morgan and Trinny Woodall, for whom the word "blowhard" might well have been coined. I'm left with two thoughts:
1. How can Cheryl Cole pretend to be amazed by the huge cheques written by Woodall's rich mates when she's married to a Chelsea footballer who earns getting on for £100,000 a week?
2. Did Red Bull pay to have their products littered around the set, slurped on camera by Morgan and then actually referred to in conversation? And if they did it for charity, is that OK?