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Friday, March 02, 2007

Do you take this woman...

I love BBC Three's Wedding Stories. It's a simple idea. Documentary crews use the build-up to a wedding to look inside people's lives, in a way that's nosey without being exploitative. The Big Day provides the climax that normally with these things has to be invented. It reveals the amazing diversity of lives being lived by people in the UK today. Lesbian Goths plighting their troths in South Yorkshire, hugely over-extended families from Essex with millions of bridesmaids, Oxbridge graduates submitting to the scarifyingly traditional roles of a Nigerian wedding ("do not deny him sex"), regular couples putting on their cut-down versions of Jordan and Peter Andre's nuptials ("we have to be able to get the car into the lift"), and most striking of all this week, an attractive born again Christian virgin bride(left) going shopping - with her mother! - for the sexy underwear with which she plans to stun her husband on the wedding night. "Don't worry, dear," says Mum. "He won't notice."

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