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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boris Johnson, where art thou?

The man organising the campaign to get Liverpool manager Bob Paisley awarded a post-humous knighthood reckons he has the support of lots of MPs because "this isn't just about Bob, this is about Merseyside". What precisely does that mean? Is the actual status of Liverpool any different than, say, Exeter or Edinburgh? Really, the whole city should quit acting as if it's entitled to special treatment. And have any of these clowns lining up to lend their support considered the implications of starting to give out honours post-humously? I think there's a long queue and Paisley's somewhere near the back. Charles Dickens should be up the front but he'd only be keeping a place for William Wilberforce and hundreds of other major contributors to our culture who don't happen to cross the mayfly minds of the media.