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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I heart a televised scrap

Provided it doesn't inconvenience any members of the public, I heartily approve of football violence. I love the idea of millionaires, hopped up on testosterone and steroids, losing their dignity in a flailing mass of mis-firing biffs and raised chins, like 10 year olds trying to be involved without actually getting hurt. The other night's scrap between Valencia and Inter was a minor classic and I particularly direct your attention to the bit near the end where one player enters the opposition dressing room intending to lay waste to all that get in his way.


  1. The only shame about mass brawls in football is the pious sanctimonious disapproving tone taken by commentators and pundits. Come on, guys, you all know we love to see a good scrap. The best bit of the Carling Cup final was the bundle - and I'd rather have seen 10 replays of that on Sky than some office worker from the Football League bringing the cup onto the field accompanied by the Welsh Guards or whatever it was Sky showed.

  2. Sky sports news has got the idea it was shown repeatedly last night in the pub and brought a smile to most faces. The best rule in organised sport is in ice hockney re:fights it's not a foul until one man is on the ice.