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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

They'll never forget what's his name

From time to time you're brought face to face with the fact that the world of media has gone mad. Was rung up today by a Radio Five obituaries programme trying to find somebody to talk about the contribution of Brad Delp. Had I not already read that this was the singer of Boston who had just died, the name would have meant nothing to me – and I have a head full of the names of unknown soldiers. There does seem to be something absurd about Radio Five devoting airtime to a singer who would only be known to a tiny section of the audience through one hit a long time ago and then expecting some pundit to cobble together some theory as to why he was significant. Must be a slow death week. And I surely don't have to add that were Brad Delp alive and on tour the chances of any of the BBC's networks taking the slightest interest in him at all would have been slim. May he rest in peace.


  1. Reminds me of the dear departed Richard Whiteley's worry that his obituary would read 'Ferret Man Dies'.

  2. Anonymous1:26 pm

    When More Than A Feeling was in the charts I got my tops off a nurse at the Priory disco one Saturday night. I'll always be grateful to Delp for this though I doubt 5Live would be interested.
    Steve Drayton, Newcastle