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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Home movies

Took my youngest to see The Feeling and The Fray last night at Hammersmith. It looked as if the entire sixth form of every school in West London was there. Technology offers a stream of new delights for the fan. We bumped into the singer of the Fray and he was happy to pose for a camera phone picture with my daughter. The Feeling's set was preceded by a fantastic montage of YouTube clips of fans miming to their songs projected on a huge sheet. Lovely touch and such a good way of establishing a bond with the fans.


  1. Good to see a positive use of this technology at gigs am getting feed up of being forced to watch gigs via my neighbours camera phones. Youtube is full of these blurred blue looking blobby live set videos. Had someone behind me actually make a call in the cinema the otherday, that's make not recieve a call.

  2. DivineMrsM7:47 pm

    We saw The Feeling at Hammersmith on Friday night and again at the soundcheck thingy they laid on for some fans on Saturday afternoon. They are a thoroughly decent and approachable lot - very kind to their fans.

    We first saw them live at the 100 Club almost exactly 1yr ago. Not that they don't deserve it, but it doesn't take long to "make it" anymore, does it? :-/