Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lloyd George Knew My Father

Unlike feudal, class-bound Great Britain, the United States of America is still a country where people can rise to the highest offices in the land by dint of their own efforts and regardless of their humble background. In which spirit I'm glad to see that the person fancied to take over the Senate seat of the previously unknown Hillary Clinton is JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy.


  1. I believe that Gore Vidal claims that he is related to all the 20th Century Presidents apart from Clinton. He is certainly related to Al Gore, the Kennedy's and the Bushes. He says the USA only appears to be a democracy - the actual choice is which member of the ruling families do you want to elect. I'm guessing he is not related to Obama.
    Isn't it amazing that 3 out of 100 Senate seats are going to be appointed not elected? When it happened on Heroes I didn't realise it could actually happen.

  2. I don't understand why the Americans do not just have by-elections like here. It would take away the temptation to buy and sell seats.