Saturday, December 06, 2008

Does it really take talent to be "The Talent"?

The discussion on the Today programme about the implications of Selina Scott's successful action against Channel Five over age discrimination was a collectors item for those who study the difference between what TV says and what it does. Both Joan Bakewell and Clive Jones of GMTV were piously pressing the case of older women and making tsk noises about the fashion for the team of silvery-haired male plus nubile female. I think the man from GMTV said that they made their hiring decisions based on "talent and creativity". Any job that required less of either quality than reading the news off an autocue would be hard to imagine.


  1. Not even the great Reginald Bosanquet - the obvious effects of heavy "medication" notwithstanding - ever came close to the sheer ineptness of most of the people doing his job today when it comes to reading stuff out loud. (Yes, that means you, Bibbacy World.)

  2. It was an odd moment when Joan Bakewell, having forcefully argued that you're never too old to be broadcasting, insisted that she was too old to be broadcasting.