Sunday, December 28, 2008

And suddenly, you're dancing

Talking to Paul Morley on Christmas Eve, Bruce Forsyth said he could tell a good dancer from the way they walked. Fred Astaire had a remarkable walk. It was like a pre-war version of the pimp roll but executed by a body that couldn't be made to do anything inelegant. It's interesting how many of Astaire's routines begin with him ambling into shot and then slowly turning a walk into a dance. It's this transition from business to pleasure in a few paces that most people find most difficult when taking to the dance floor.


  1. Following up on on your Sixties posting I think the word we are looking for here is..Style. It looks effortless but hard work and attention to detail ensure this artform is carried off with noncholance. Genius.
    PS talking of style the the way Fred appears to dance in mid air due to your black background adds a touch of...dare I say ...Style.

  2. I think the walk at the beginning of your clip was already part of the dance. This is how he walked - fluidly but in a 'standard' way: