Thursday, December 11, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a tree - and I've got one

We have one of those Christmas trees that spends the year out in the garden and is brought inside for a couple of weeks at this time of year. We don't have to pay for a new one. We just have to summon the energy to bring the one we've got indoors. Therefore it's no use the five guys selling Christmas trees in Chapel Market trying their patter on me.

They looked a little tense to me, as if they're concerned that their stock isn't showing much sign of moving. A tree has always been the last element of Christmas I could do without. Maybe I'm unusual and it's actually one of the first things that people looking to cut back would decide they don't need.


  1. For me it's the lights. Not those garish displays that condense the Blackpool illuminations into a space the size of a semi-detached house.

    Just a couple of strings of that I have up in the windows of my bedroom. Everything is so bleak and washed-out at this time of year it's good to have a little bit of colour.

  2. you can take the boy out of yorkshire....

    having a re-usable tree is no doubt eco-friendly, but that's just a side effect isn't it (i have yorkie cousins; long pockets, short arms)

    but i do agree with you that a tree is the last thing to cut back on. last thing at night , mrs dolly & i always have ten minutes “tree time” - sitting in the dark with only the tree lights on. smelling the xmas smell. pines and tangerines. its still magical.

  3. I'm not from Yorkshire, and we've got a live tree. Isn't it faintly absurd buying a dead one every year? All we've got to do is scrape all the cat shit out of the pot before dragging it indoors. Job done.

  4. Ahh cultural stereotypes don't you just love a brave move for celts to start throwing them around!