Monday, December 01, 2008

New media

Tomorrow I've got to help judge some students' work at City University.

To get in the mood I've just been looking at the pictures from the Guardian Student Media Awards which took place last week. I was expecting lots of serious coves looking as if they've been dragged away from their inky toil to accept a bauble to which they attached no particular importance. Instead I got lots of young chaps wearing ties and girls frocked up to here.


  1. As long as none of them have a burning ambition to work on Peaches Geldof's new magazine Disappear Up Your Own Arse, they'll be fine...

  2. A (white) friend of mine collected an award at the old NUS/Grauniad thrash, wearing the uniform of a curry house waiter. Burgundy waistcoat, name of the establishment (the Shifnal Balti House) embroidered in gold thread on the breast, towel over arm. Pissed in said currydrome one night, he'd made the maitre d' a cash offer for the waistcoat and it had been accepted. Worth every penny to see the too cool mob trying to work out what was going on.