Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Because we may not be the young ones very long

Today I was having my hair cut at an establishment in Kingly Street. I looked out of the window and saw a cheerful figure coming down the road. He was in his sixties but very well-preserved with a thick mop of silver hair and he was carrying a guitar in a case. To my surprise, he came in to the barbers shop and spoke to the woman cutting my hair.
"Are we still OK for Thursday?"
"Yes. Four o'clock."
"OK, I'm just off to rehearse. See if I can still remember the chords."
And he set off into the sunshine, swinging his guitar case as he skipped along.
Bruce Welch of the Shads, off to do the Royal Variety Performance.


  1. Very important to Bruce's look his barnet.

    I only realised this today when Cliff and The Shads were being interviewed on Sky News and the camera was positioned in such a way that Bruce's hair was cut out.

    "Who's that old dude," I thought. "Oh, it's Welch, fuck - he looks as old as he is."

    The cameraman then took a few backward steps to reveal Bruce's hair was still as plentiful and lively as it has ever been and, thanks to this, Mr Welch was restored to appearing to be as elegantly middle aged as he always appeared to be (to me).

  2. "...and he was carrying a guitar in a case" - Not just any old guitar. That case would have contained the Strat that Cliff bought for Hank in 1959, which Bruce borrowed in the 1970s and never gave back, the cheeky scamp.