Sunday, December 14, 2008

What you have to do to get noticed in today's highly competitive busking business

I took this on Upper Street the other day.

He's on a tightrope and he's playing the violin.


  1. Very impressive, but I'll take your violin playing tightrope artist, and raise you by some kid playing the violin while standing on a giant rubber ball and simultaneously hula-hooping.
    Or how about a different kid, standing on a tower of five skateboards, while juggling machetes?

    I, somewhat embarrassingly, can't even work out how to do links in Blogger comment boxes. But the pictures are here:

  2. Wandering through Covent Garden yesterday, I noted the lubricating effect that heavy rain has on the living statues.

    All the ones I saw had deserted their plinths and taken shelter in nearby shop doorways.

  3. But was he good enough to warrant a donation?

  4. That's enough Leonard Cohen. Is there anything that man won't do to get attention?