Sunday, June 24, 2007

Up to their necks in muck and Monkeys

We have had one brief phone contact with our son since he left for Glastonbury on Thursday night. He was on a coach that was supposed to leave London at five in the afternoon. It was delayed so long that he ended up pitching his tent at four on Friday morning. He's supposed to leave there at 2.a.m. tomorrow morning. According to the report we've had from a friend who's just returned from their first Glastonbury visit, it's chaos at the site and he'll probably be a good deal later than planned. Mark's texts have been unfailingly upbeat - and he went with flu! (I would expect nothing less.) He'd bumped into some young friends who had been unable to find their tent one night and had instead just occupied somebody else's. My guess is that when our son does come back he will have been standing up for four days straight. He will then compensate for this by lying down for four days straight.

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