Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gosh! I say!

Years ago a female colleague pointed out to me that women who'd had facelifts tended to look perpetually surprised. If you're watching Wimbledon, I'd be interested in your view of the Sue Barker situation.


  1. Without turning this into the Guardian women's page. The issue that female presenters are always judged on their looks, so they ferel they have to have "work done", which then becomes the story and the problem spirals on. But yes I will look, you can't stop your self. It'll be like Sharon Davis at the last Olympics....

  2. I'm not restricting this to women. Michael Parkinson's been looking awfully surprised ever since he went to ITV.

  3. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Tom Jones was looking extremely surprised, if not totally astounded for years. Of late when I've seen pictures of him he's looking no more than mildly bemused. Expect a return to "astonishment" after a short "vacation".

  4. Kylie looks permanently and astoundingly agog these days. And to think – she could have grown as lovely as Julie Christie.