Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Detail, people, detail!

This picture appears among the NME's coverage of the Muse shows at the weekend. The caption says "fans waiting for Muse". Did nobody think it worth pointing out that the woman third from the right is presumably somebody's Mum? Did nobody think that was interesting? Bloody hell, boys, let's not forget that we're here to keep the ball in the air.


  1. Or it could be Tommy Steele. Either way, does nobody notice things any more?

  2. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Tommy Steele?

    Remind me to tell you my Tommy Steele
    precision gobbing story one day.

  3. Maybe they didn't point it out because they didn't think it mattered much. After all, it's no big deal for us oldies to go to gigs these days. And I'd have thought Muse's music was pretty parent-friendly stuff.