Friday, June 08, 2007

Modern romance

PRs have been chasing me for the last week over Jacob Golden. They want to know if they can get a track on the Word CD. I'd listened to his album once and it had made the opposite of a good impression. There's one song here that begins with the line "I can feel the earth move when I say her name". I have a natural resistance to overly sensitive young men. I want to slap them and say, kid, you don't mean that, you're only saying it because you know that girls love it when you talk that way and you just like the way it sounds. At your age romance is largely sentiment.
On the other hand, last night Nick Lowe played a slow, countryish song from his wonderful new record "At My Age" which culminated in the line "you make me want to be a better man". Every time he got to the line I could sense the women around me, most of whom had clearly had to sort out kids before coming out, were wondering whether he'd drunk too much to drive home, while staving off the fatigue that comes from having been up since six in the morning, taking a little extra breath on board.
That's the way romance sounds for people born when Churchill was still alive.


  1. Funny, I felt that way just looking at Nick's album in Fopp today *sigh*.

    How do you feel about Roddy Frame's juvenalia, David? I think just born when Churchill was hanging on, and High Land, Hard Rain sounds pretty sincere to me.

  2. I can usually feel my bowels move when I hear lyrics like "I can feel the earth move when I say her name".

  3. I once introduced Aztec Camera on stage but I can't remember where. "High Land Hard Rain" may be ripe for a vinyl reprise.

  4. Anonymous6:23 pm

    I think 'you make me want to be a better man' is pinched from As Good As It Gets (Jack Nicholson to Helen Hunt, as I recall)...