Wednesday, June 06, 2007

'Every once in a blah blah blah"

You really should see the things that are written in some of the press releases I get. These are all from today's.

"Adrienne Young cultivates sustainable farming awareness with new CD, Room To Grow."

"My first album was abrasive and violently playful, knocking over the pop-so onto its side, filling three minute structures with electro-acoustic compositions and 'unsuitable' lyrics which I had pooled from Euripides, Shakespeare and all kinds of texts on social history."

"Every once in a while someone comes along an creates an album that is so intelligent, humorous, vicious, challenging and real that it puts most arbiters of the creative 'album' format to shame."

Just today.


  1. If paratexts are supposed to serve as a promotional device of the 'text' (in these cases albums), a bridge between it and the reader/listener, then these examples just make me not want to cross that sodding bridge. Especially the second one - who is that far up their own arse?

  2. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Unsuitable lyrics pooled from Euripides? How completely brilliant does that sound!

  3. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Is the middle one from James Blunt?

  4. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Paratexts? Euripides? James Blunt?

    This is actually the beginning of garden centre alt-country. I've just been to her website.

    All she's got to do is give out some green quilted promo gilets & the nation will be hooked. There are no competitors. Just wait for Radio 2 to pick up on it.

    They may possibly all wave trowels in the air at her concerts.

    Frankly, nuts.