Monday, June 25, 2007

Guardian magazines column

You won't find an executive in British magazines who doesn't believe that in the near future 30% of publishing revenues will come from digital ventures. But neither will you find one prepared to tell you precisely how that 30% will be achieved or give you a definition of "near future".
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  1. As someone who works in magazines who's constantly asked what our digital strategy is, to which I reply we don't have one, this comes as quite a relief.

    Without wishing to sound like a Luddite, or wanting to miss the boat, I think my strategy at the moment is, watch what happens to the others, then plan.

  2. It's a tricky one this, because once a magazine goes online, people automatically expect it to be free, because it's the internet isn't? It should be free shouldn't it? This is the kind of thinking that is closing record stores around the world at the moment.For my part I'd gladly buy a subscription to word online, if it meant I could get hold of it when it's published instead of weeks after [I live in New Zealand].

  3. Anonymous9:01 am

    Yes, strange for one who is so adept at analysing media trends that The Word website is so dull and devoid of any content, reviews, links, news etc. Barring a board full of in-jokes.