Sunday, June 10, 2007

Freddie Scott: He Ain't Give You None

I see Freddie Scott died last week. In 1967 he recorded "He Ain't Give You None" for Shout. It's a Van Morrison song but I'm sure Morrison would be the first to concede that his version can't hold a candle to Freddie's. It's one of those three minute records that is worth the life's work of most white rock groups.


  1. And thus rather a shame that the powers that be can't get one of his titles out on release.

  2. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Thanks for posting that one. Never heard it before. Didn't know he had died.

    I bought 'Are You Lonely For Me' back in the mid-60's. One of my favourite singles. Lost it in the 70's and finally found it again on a file-sharing site. Now I can't find the file.

    Ronnie Wood covered 'Am I Grooving You' on his first album. I remember an interviewer noting a copy of the Freddie Scott single nailed to the wall in his studio.