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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Up to a point Lord Copper"

Now that Patrick Moore has gone into print claiming that women have ruined the BBC, where does that leave Janet Street Porter, who's been saying for years that all the problems of TV were down to the fact that it was controlled by middle class, middle-aged white men? Are they both right? Or are they just that rarest of media commodities - available interviewees with no bridges left to burn who speak first and think afterwards?
I don't buy this idea that TV has a problem (let alone who's to blame) any more than the press has a problem. There's simply more of it than ever before and it's never been easier to find something that you'll like and avoid things you won't. I wouldn't have an opinion on anything on BBC 1 or ITV 1 for the simple reason that the only thing I ever go there for is football.

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