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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Musical youth

My son's just sent me a link to this remarkable display of guitar playing. It's a chap called Fred. He lives in South London and he's the younger brother of a friend of my son's. You may have known lots of people who had this much command of their instrument when they were still at school. I didn't. There may be lots of others like him. I've no idea.


  1. Good heavens, that's impressive.

    He needs to tidy his room, mind.

  2. He is great. And there's seems to be another boy in Texas, on the YouTube menu, who's covered the same song. YouTube continually amazes me. I was faffing about in it after looking at Fred's piece, and I found a Glen Campbell version of Jerry Reed's 'A Thing Called Love' that he was touting around British chat shows 25 years ago! I loved it then, and now.

    And in a uniquely YouTube way, there was this piece from behind the scenes of a TV recording, before he went on air.

    PS - And if you don't already have it, on OS X a free app called Democracy downloads YouTube vids straight into it's player and onto your hard drive. Very handy.

  3. I agree with Tim - buy that boy an iron!