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Friday, May 11, 2007

Last of the winter wine

The end of the football season draws near. The thing I'll miss most is The Game, the weekly podcast that Danny Kelly fronts for The Times. Danny has always had the kind of energy that's slightly frightening when you're in the same room as him. It works perfectly in this medium. He's joined in the studio by Gabriele Marcotti (a cosmopolitan Italian who's a permanent reminder of how insular British football can be), Alyson Rudd (the original one-eyed Liverpool fan who graces each show with a terrace anthem done solo) and Bill Edgar (whose anorak can actually be heard crackling in the background). The producers bring in guests, some of whom are OK, but actually it's the sameness of it all that's so appealing. I download it and listen on the way home from the office. Sometimes twice.
I don't know what I'm going to replace it with during the summer. Podcasting's a tremendous medium but I've heard a lot of rather shrill stuff in search of potential new friends. Any suggestions?


  1. While quite a few have come and gone, my current podcast subscriptions are:

    Apollo Pony
    GeekBrief TV
    HIGNFY - Video Podcast
    Mark Kermode's Film Reviews (another ball of energy and niceness)
    MediaTalk on Guardian Unlimited
    Daily Mayo
    The Now Show (on hiatus at the moment)
    Word (naturally)

  2. Which are the ones that have come and gone? And why?

  3. I'm still frightened by the picture of Danny Kelly.

  4. And the fact that the Times have obviously fitted some kind of antenna to his head.

  5. Dropped subscriptions have included; Rocketboom (which went a bit flat after Amanda Congdon left), Broadcasting House (which didn't seem right on any other time but Sunday morning), Russell Brand (one episode, he's just awful), Today (essentially it's not news if you listen to it the next day) and Paste Culture Club (Paste magazine's weekly music review - somehow it became desperately boring). Then there have been a few music podcasts that I've sampled but haven't fallen for.

  6. Martin Kelner's weekly podcast is unmissable in my view. Recently sacked from BBC Radio Leeds for not being "female friendly" enough, his weekly rants (now going for over a year) have recently hit new levels of vile and bitternes. All this plus a bogus French gentleman.

  7. Aargh, Danny Kelly looks like Karl Rove with a groovy pre-millenium iPod

  8. Nigel5:45 am

    I offer you TED Talks, which they call "Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses". (And there are enought Nobel laureates there to justify the term genius). Favourite fact so far, from Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees, we are literally, by size, halfway between atoms and stars. And the intellectual buzz of their yearly (invitation only) conferences looks intoxicating. Creative Screenwriting Magazine gives away 40 minute post-screening interviews with the big names (co-writer of Children of Men Tim Sexton was fascinating). And another great free one is ScreenCastsOnline; video podcasts which is continually teaching me how to use OS X, and I've been a Apple user for 20 years. Missed very few episodes of all of these.

  9. Mr Hepworth

    may I suggest you give The Urban Sofa a listen. It's two blokes doing the standard "one of us says something ridiculous, and the other one questions it", but they are very funny. They are on iTunes in the comedy section, or at

    they're a bit rubbish at getting updates done (they have proper jobs too) but give'em a go...