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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Picking of Nits

The actual English language isn't quite good enough for some people without an overlay of hype and metaphor. During today's Cup Final John Motson said "the FA Cup Final is back at Wembley, its spiritual home". Wouldn't that be its actual home, John?


  1. Ken Donald8:35 pm

    Ah, Motty. So beloved by people who only watch football when it's the FA Cup final or the World Cup, so disliked by anyone who actually enjoys football. Time to hang up the old sheepskin, I think. Thank goodness for digital television so I could watch the game with the radio commentary instead.

  2. That would be the Radio commentary where the commentator (Mike Ingham?) managed to confuse Prince William with Prince Andrew several times as the cup was being presented after the game?

  3. Ken Donald10:39 pm

    Quite possibly - I switched off after the final whistle having decided that I had wasted enough of my life on such a dreadful game. I'm going to a gig when the European final is on, so that's bound to be a cracker. Anyway, being unfamiliar with royals is a plus point in my book. I didn't really listen to the commentary, to be honest. It's part of the background atmosphere. I can't stand Motty because his whining tone is like having a mosquito in the room. In addition, when I do actually listen to his words he always seems to be a version of Alan Partridge without the self-knowledge.