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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Radio Fun Time

Assuming you didn't take the day off to listen to it, you can hear "Three Minute Education" here.


  1. It was indeed a shame how Rasputin carried on. Lovely show, David.

  2. 'scuse me sir, but I was schooled as to the meanin' of the word "Levee" by none other than "Sir" Bob Dylan on his song "Down in the flood" as in;
    "Crash on the levee, mama,
    Water's gonna overflow,
    Swamp's gonna rise,
    No boat's gonna row"
    well before I ever heard Led Zep, mainly due to my old man subjecting us to Bob's "Greatest hits vol.2" on long drives in the Dublin mountains when we was but nippers.
    A gem of a show though, always a delight to hear Neil Tennant holding forth.

  3. "in the beginning was the Word" nice product placement. I had a picture of Kurt Weil on my school book thanks to the Bunnymen, my english teacher thought it was kojak.

  4. Dick Grant9:30 am

    Enjoyed the programme a lot. As a teenager I (in common with Rob Fitzpatrick) had a thing about Rush and learned from their lyrics that "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a pleasure dome erect!" amongst many other gems. P.S. re the podcast - I remember at our school the ting with the biro on the ex army bag was just how accurately you could reproduce the subtle curves of Roger Dean's Yes logo (Oh and the 4 symbols of course - Zofo!)