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Monday, May 07, 2007

This is hep

Here's a bunch of things I ripped from vinyl this weekend through Audio Hijack Pro and then mixed with Pro Tools. I'll leave this mix up for a few hours.

The Hewn From The Living Vinyl Mix May 2007.


  1. A Nice mix for Bank holiday evening. I think the main problem isn't vinyl vs digital it's hi fi vs lo fi. many new music listeners just don't listen to music in a quality way. I don't mean in a chin stroking demo room way but played on a decent hi fi through good speakers at decent volume. And just listening . Having said that vinyl has proved it self as a way of storing, perserving and reproducing music. Will you be able to do the same process in 20 years ie find a computer to play mp3's? It will be like trying to print articles stored on old amstrad word pros.

  2. John.8:52 am

    Thanks for the music, David. What's the second track? Something about a river and sounds a bit like Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.

  3. River Song by Dennis Wilson.

  4. missed it, any chance of another go?

  5. Thanks again - and I even have Pacific Ocean Blue - time to buy a new stylus for the record player, I think!

  6. I missed it too!