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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

Lit a fire yesterday and read "Fiasco", which doesn't leave you feeling all that cosy. Setting aside the geopolitical consequences for a moment, this story could be read in the future as a management textbook. It's got lots of the features of your standard corporate catastrophe: delusional management crossing their fingers and hoping, a belief that sheer expenditure can solve all problems, an executive class so keen to avoid the mistakes of the last conflict that they drift into a whole new set and - don't laugh - an over-reliance on PowerPoint.


  1. This may be in the book but there was a good article in the New Yorker about how powerpoint is effecting how business thinks ie people base projects on Powerpoint wizards not the other way round. It's worring that the milltary try to fit tactical aims into the dimensions a little blue rectangle.

  2. Read Edward Tufte's The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint. It will make your heart sick.