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Sunday, May 27, 2007

This green and pleasant land

In the previous post I referred to car dealers from Kent and cab drivers from Essex. Some people thought I might be confusing the two. I don't think I am. Obviously these are both cases of outmoded social stereotyping but if you read the Evening Standard you'll be surprised by how robust they remain.
"Car dealers from Kent" is supposed to summon up a picture of free spending blokes in top of the range Mercs, with wives who spend much of the day at the local health spa, who may have been known to occasionally stray into "off the books" transactions. Hence Kent, which police admit is the area of the country with the highest density of top level gangsters thanks to its verdant scenery, proximity to the coast and many quiet airstrips. Fact.
The other fact that a disproportionate number of cab drivers come from Essex will have been a discovery made by anyone who has attempted to get out of the capital in a westerly direction after midnight.

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  1. Anonymous11:33 pm

    That's very true. I got a lift to Colchester once, at 3am. No probs, although not free, natch.