Monday, January 21, 2008

You wouldn't do that at home

The striking thing about Ghana vs Guinea, the opening match of the Africa Cup of Nations, was not the grass, which was long enough to obscure the ankles of the players. It was the complete lack of the usual on-pitch hysterics. These were big, strong men playing at maximum intensity and not once did I see anyone complain of a tackle, let along lie down and try to get a free kick. Not that they're saints. Once these guys are back in the Premierhip or Serie A, they'll be back at it. All it shows is that it goes with the territory.


  1. Premiership or Serie A? Ghana's bset player plays for the mighty Forest. We don't suffer fools gladly in League 1 you know.

  2. Anonymous10:34 pm

    The famous Cameroon team of the 1990s were actually one of the dirtiest sides I've ever seen!