Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tottenham 5 Arsenal 1

Who was it wrote that song called "Woke Up Smiling"?


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    An unusual result for your boys. I suppose, come the final, you can get used to being losers again...

  2. Ah, the generosity of football fans!

  3. Anonymous10:55 am

    There was a song on Clues by Robert Palmer called "Woke up Laughing". Oh hang weren't being rhetorical were you?

  4. No, I wasn't being rhetorical. I think I've combined two things in my mind. "You Caught Me Smiling" by Sly Stone and "Woke Up Laughing" by Robert Palmer.

  5. Anonymous11:28 am

    Still heady from the 5-1 no doubt. Thanks to the miracles of modern tech watched it live (with American commentary) on Aussie TV over breakfast this morning.

    Memory jogged, have just retrieved long lost Robert Palmer CD "Clues" from the bottom of the cupboard. Better than I remembered...

  6. I enjoyed seeing Tottenham win, even though as a Hull City fan I have no judgment to pass on the north London teams of any note.

    I think it'd be fantastic if Everton won tonight too; we may get a final worth watching on teelly rather than the usual cancelling-out sessions that the so-called Big Four trot out frequently.

    In other news, Dean Marney's doing well for us...

  7. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Ha - not feeling quite so smug tonight I guess...?