Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Charlie's good tonight, isn't he?

I don't dine Up West very often. However today I went to the Wolseley, the former car showroom and bank in Piccadilly which is now London's swishest eating place. If you're going to have celebrities it's important you should have real ones, not people you have to set up as "you know, he was in that thing on Channel Four". So I'm pleased to report, at different tables but both surrounded by adoring females, Jeremy Irons and Charlie Watts. That's ten points, surely?


  1. As Dan Maskell would have commented, 'Oh, I say!'. My best spot in there was a snapshot of celebrities of a certain age; on the one night we had Cilla Black, Michael Parkinson, Lucian Freud and Zandra Rhodes. Oh, and John Hannah, the baby of the pack.

  2. Anonymous9:52 am

    Charlie Watts is worth 20 points on his own. Greatest living Englishman, etc. Hope he had a suit on.

  3. I once saw Charlie Watts in the Dean Street Pizza Express. About a week later I saw Bill Wyman on the King's Road, then about 100 yards on Petula Clark. It must have been Sixties Day or sommething.

    Most recently I saw Geraldine James in the post office in Clapham. How many points do you get for that.

  4. I once had a long conversation with Geoff Hamilton, in his garden.
    Greatest day of my life at the time.

  5. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Being the contrary type that I am, I would have swept passed Charlie and Jeremy, approached DH's table and cried, 'Oh my God! Are you Mark Ellen?'

  6. Anonymous2:36 pm

    I prefer to think of Jeremy as an RSC Actor - celebrity devalues the currency

  7. The only famous person I ever saw in a restaurant was John Thomson, at the height I'd guess of his Cold Feet days, in a curry house near Chorley.

    In spite of myself it was difficult not to, well, just notice that he was there all the time.

    Then somebody mentioned how in the news some singer had died in a diving accident - Kirsty MacColl - and Mr. Thomson instantly disappeared from view for the rest of the evening. Ho hum.

    Hey! Happy New Year everybody!

  8. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Mighty impressive showing.

    I've been to the Ivy twice and all I got was a Tim 'Blackadder' McInerney and a Lynda Bellingham.

    The shame of it!

  9. Anonymous1:55 pm

    10 years ago. Riva in Barnes is a posh-nosh place and just round the corner from the Olympic Recording Studios. I was dining and in walked Bryan Ferry and Chris Difford. I had always expected some BF/CD compositions to appear soon after but nothing did. (Boringly I read recently that Difford became Ferry's manager at some point, presumably then.)

  10. Anonymous4:10 am

    I had one day where I was in the Apple Store in Regent Street and saw Nick Nolte, cycling home I passed Amy Winehouse (in Camden, on phone) and Neil Kinnock (Kentish Town). At this point I was so blase I didn't look for any more.

  11. I had a John Thompson moment too, in Selfridges. I was filming a bog standard corporate video (someone putting shirts on a shelf) and for some reason Thompson came over, and was sort of popping his head over and around shelves, smiling and I swear acting as though he wanted to be in the video! Most odd. After a while I had to ignore him. Seems like one of those goes who will do a turn when the fridge light comes on.

  12. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Corporate Video did you say? i like mine from eMotion.