Saturday, January 12, 2008

Last night's TV

Last night we used to the BBC iPlayer for the first time to catch up with a missed episode of "Sense and Sensibility". They've now got a Beta version up and running for Macs but you can't yet download. It hung up a couple of times at first but basically it worked. It's interesting how when the riches of broadcasting are all laid out for you how many things you couldn't imagine yourself ever wanting to stream on to a computer. "Ready Steady Cook"? "First Minister's Question Time"? "Extreme Pilgrim"? "Arrange Me A Marriage"?


  1. extreme pilgrim is a good programme let down by a ropey title, Iplay is good though.

  2. Anonymous5:35 pm

    It's fantatstic that boring but worthy programmes of record like Scottish First Ministers Question Time are on the iPlayer (and will presumably in the future be on it for all eternity). Obviously it's not TV as we know it - we shan't all gather round the PC to laugh along. But it's a great resorce to have for students, historians, or just for democratic accountability.

    I actually find it more astonishing that you'd want t watch last Tuesday's ready Steady Cook, (unless - I guess you missed a recipe), or treats on the radio iPlayer like a Radio Stoke moring show from last week.