Friday, October 05, 2007

Get with it, Grandad

There's not much between the main parties in policy terms so it's mainly a battle about language. I note that David Cameron's speech this week used the expression "getting pissed" and promised that Gordon Brown's election campaign would involve a "dog whistle on immigration". This took them far enough in the polls to give them the nerve to accuse the PM of "bottling it". It's all very media macho and has the effect of making old Gordon look, well, old.


  1. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Doesn't that just make Cameron sound like a bit of saddo, though?

    Because he's extraordinarily posh, it doesn't quite work.

    If he sounded like someone from EastEnders, that would be a different story

  2. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Perhaps Brown's parliamentary statement on Monday will contain a sly challenge for Cameron to come clean on, 'Those rumours about the honourable gentleman getting twunted on gak in his youth.' OK, I admit that it's unlikely but it would make him a Youtube star forever.
    Hmm, now I think about, will the parties be issuing special Youtube only political broadcasts in an attempt to appeal to that hard-to-reach youth vote? They would have the potential to be the most excruciating video clips ever made.

  3. Did you ever see Cameron's "at home with Dave" video cast on the Conservatives website ?