Thursday, October 04, 2007


Two offenses are committed in this short clip. The Celtic fan had no business running on the pitch or patting the Milan goalkeeper on the cheek. By the same token, the latter shouldn't have run energetically after him and then fallen down as if shot in the hope of getting the match extended. The fan will no doubt get a significant ban. What will the goalkeeper get for insulting the intelligence of millions and trying to deceive the officials?


  1. Not sure running on the pitch is as heinous a crime as we are all meant to believe it is these days. As for the goalie. I can't see why it need be discussed at all, are we really going to have to fly in members of fifa and lawyers etc at great cost for that, can't we just be grown ups.Better still ban him from playing on health grounds in that such a delicate flower isn't save anywhere near professional sport.

  2. I genuinely wonder how the goalkeeper can look at himself in the mirror in all honesty. This confirms everything I said in an earlier post about the moral decay of football.

  3. Anonymous10:16 am

    Nice piece on the incident in The Times

    Hope the link works if not I hope you can piece it together.