Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fame: still a cruel mistress

The new issue of Word contains a story about Colin Larkin, the author of the Encyclopaedia of Popular Music, which is in its 5th edition. I was most intrigued to see the list of acts who had been dropped from the previous editions to make room for the Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouses of today. This includes: Carmel, Curve, King, Menswear and the Godfathers among others. They've been dropped because it's been concluded that they were neither successful enough to be included for the sake of historical record nor good enough to have any prospect of being rediscovered by future generations. What's the opposite of the Hall of Fame?


  1. The Aircraft Hangar of Obscurity?

    (It needs to be bigger than the Hall, as there are more people who "used to be famous" than those who are...)

  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    I thought the accepted term was 'consigned to the Dustbin of History'.

  3. The Skip of Re-Assessment is nice as it conveys the 'fame once had, now lost' pain.

  4. Anonymous10:00 am

    Hall of Meh

  5. This just goes to show what an outdated format the "book" is.

  6. Anonymous4:57 pm

    I believe it was known as 'the dumper' in Smash Hits, as in 'down the dumper'?!

    Poor old Menswear, they were a bit cocky, weren't they, so it probably serves them right. I was always very fond of Carmel however.

  7. Curve get chucked out in the same lot as Menswear and King? Oh, the ignominy.