Monday, October 15, 2007


The best thing on Radio Four at the moment is Genius. It's presented by the estimable Dave Gorman and involves members of the public proposing strange ideas - summer clothes for Goths, running the House Of Commons along the lines of Just A Minute, hooking up gym equipment to run the National Grid – to a celebrity panelist. Last week's, in which a bloke tried to sell Germaine Greer on the idea that his wife should be compelled to make him a hot pudding three nights a week, had me laughing out loud at the traffic lights on the North Circular.


  1. I loved the bloke this evening whose idea of a work out was to let people pay him to dig over his allotment instead of spending money joining a gym. Genius.

  2. I'll happily own up to being a big Genius fan too. Last series' episode where Johnny Vegas was pitched the idea of combining metal-detecting and dog-walking is a personal favourite.

  3. I'm delighted that Genius has replaced the god-awful Quote, Unquote in the Sunday noon slot on Radio 4. However, the Germaine Greer one made me feel old as she mentioned the word 'truss' in a building sense, and nobody laughed. Too young, you see...

  4. Hook Germaine Greer up to the National Grid? I've been saying that for years. Nobody listens.

  5. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Hello Clair, At least Quote, Unquote is on the radio and thus isn't as bad as BBC Four's Never Mind The Fullstops - it is the smugness you could actually see that really made me cry.

    And David, yes 'Genius' is absolutely bloody marvellous.

  6. Anonymous9:42 am

    I love Genius... especially the fact that tickets to see it are free. Live recordings of Radio4 shows are amazing, I heartily recommend attending - Richard Madeley and the tiny elephant pets was a favourite, quickly followed by all of Charlie Brooker's appearance.

  7. Anonymous9:53 am

    He has a great blog too, I always head there after this one.

    Mentally subdividing the entertainment world into "Word" and "Not Word", he's always seemed very "Word".