Friday, December 14, 2007

Bullshit watch (2)

"Haymarket's approach to Sony's customer magazine delivers a tangible view of the total scope of the brand, evolving consumers' perception of the business from an electronics company to a digital entertainment brand, clearly illustrating Sony's joined-up story of content creation to content enjoyment," said Mikah Martin-Cruz, the general manager of marketing at Sony UK.
In other words, we'd like to be iTunes but we fear that we're Panasonic.
So here's a magazine.


  1. Why would anyone want to buy a Sony magazine? Oh I forgot, because we're all just crying out for a publication that gives us "a tangible view of the total scope of the brand".

  2. he missed out the mots de jour "going forward"

  3. All the ingredients of Bullshit Bingo in one piece. Smashing! *leafs through Take A Break, finds it more entertaining and enlightening*

  4. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Sony is the epitome of the once cool brand that is in a desperate bid for credibility. Alas, exploding flats, plasticine bunnies and balls in San Francisco won't be enough to restore the je ne sais quoi it once had. Least of all a glorified airline mag.

  5. Who actually believes this cobblers?

  6. Anonymous9:25 pm

    You don't buy it. As we recently bought a Sony TV we were sent one in the post.
    It did nothing to evolve my perception. Skimmed it, binned it.