Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rome or away?

The allegations of sexual assault around the Manchester United players party throws a little daylight on to the Roman social lives of many top Premiership players.
The party started at lunch time at a restaurant, moved to a pub and a lapdancing club and then adjourned to a very expensive small hotel at around 9.30 pm. All the rooms at the hotel had been booked out for the party. According to The Mirror one hundred girls were invited to the party at the hotel, "after wives and girlfriends were told to stay away".
You wouldn't have to be Julie Andrews to see what misunderstandings might arise, would you?
And the spin is that Sir Alec was very reluctant to let it happen after problems with previous socials.
If Alec Ferguson can't control these guys, who can?


  1. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Bang on the button - it is rather like one of those Gary Larson 'Trouble Brewing' cartoons.

    Maybe this could be incorporated into a future 'Question of Sport - What Happened Next?' rounds.

    Great blog, by the way..

  2. Isn't this tiptoeing towards the "she was wearing short skirt and therefore was asking for it" defense. Blaiming victims of crime rather than the perpetrators or am misunderstanding you?

  3. I very carefully said that as far as I know - and any of us know - nothing took place. But if you take 25 rich, famous young men, allow them to take over a hotel for a night and then stock it with one hundred young women, then common sense would strongly suggest it's going to end in tears for somebody.

  4. Anonymous6:43 pm

    I enjoyed the quote attributed to Wayne Rooney where he suggested that "two mates from Uni" would presumably have had experience of having a threesome. Told us everything of his appreciation of University life.

    Something that interests me about these footballers' wealth is that somewhere in the north west of England (in the catchment of 7 Premiership teams) there is going to be a really expensive public school that these megarich but uncouth, poorly educated and disgusting people are going to enrol their children.

  5. Anonymous8:57 pm

    It's Alex not Alec...

  6. Where did they 'invite' these hundred girls from? Is there an agency involved? or do they stand on the corner of Deansgate and hand out free tickets? And why would you want to go?

  7. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Surely it's Alex OR Alec? Depending on how matey you want to be. His full name is Alexander Chapman Ferguson