Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Every home should have...

I was talking to an RAF officer with a lot of experience of organising receptions in Whitehall. He'd learned through bitter experience that the only musicians you could trust to keep the volume level of their performance down far enough for conversation to take place were harpists. The kora, which Toumani Diabaté plays, is a kind of harp and it has the same quality of rippling gentleness. I keep this album, "New Ancient Strings", on my desk and I play it a lot, usually in the early mornings. It soothes the soul, as they say in the gospel songs. Regardless of your personal taste, I recommend you should buy it and keep it at hand. It will make an important contribution to your equilibrium.


  1. I have just bought it, and look forward to being soothed.

  2. This sits next to the dusty ghettoblaster in our kitchen, and it is a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of tea or a glass of cheap red after a long day. My next plan is to get him indoors to learn to play the kora.

  3. Anonymous9:45 am

    Thanks for the recommendation, I bought it and it is great.