Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Great places to eat

While most of the UK has been under water we have been enjoying three freakishly sun-kissed days on the Isle of Arran. We spent most of them in or around the Machrie Bay Golf Club. I've never played the game in my adult life but in surroundings like these it seems ill-mannered not to, particularly as the other "members" on this 9-hole seaside course included six year olds being instructed by their grandfathers (below).
The clubhouse, which has more in common with a mission hut than Royal Birkdale, has a kitchen run by an enthusiastic bunch of young people who play Jackson Browne records while dispensing date slice, Banoffee pie and cups of tea. Rigorous analysis failed to see anything wrong with this. In the evening they do dinner and you are encouraged to bring a bottle. Book for around six o'clock before the midges descend. Tell them I sent you.


  1. check this out while you can -

    amazing bit of work

  2. Aran is gorgeous, isn't it? Travellng over on the CalMac ferry, you feel the world is with you, but as soon as you get off, everyone melts into the hills and goes off to the tropical south, or the craggy north, to seek out the products of the Aran Concrete Sheep Company.

    Put me down for ladies' membership at Machrie.

  3. If english courses where as pretty and friendly (and not up themselves) like the smaller scottish courses, golf would have a completely different reputation. The courses on Arran are great, the one's in the west are just beautiful places in themselves regardless of if you are whacking agolf ball or not.