Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Having your picture taken

Spent yesterday driving Bryan Ferry around London. It's for a film for the Audi Digital Channel. Done one of these before. Curious experience. The two of you are in a car rigged with on-board cameras and you're following a special Land Rover with a revolving camera on the top such as they use to cover the horse racing. It's a great way to do an interview. Anyway, he wanted to drop in at Christie's in South Kensington to look at a painting. So we parked up outside. I noticed this guy lurking across the road talking on a phone. Ten minutes later Ferry came out and there was a quick succession of flashes from across the road as this guy, who was obviously a snapper, banged off a few unremarkable pictures of this bloke stepping into a car. "That's the only bad thing about living in London," Ferry said as we pulled away. "These guys hang around in vans in areas where they think they might see people." He'd obviously experienced it lots of times before but he looked ruffled as if he'd been harrassed. I have to say I don't blame him.

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