Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Return to your homes"

This is the view from one of our windows this morning. According to the radio, the Highways Agency are saying "don't take your car unless your journey is absolutely necessary." I'm all for cutting down on car use, but what does that sentence actually mean? Has the Chief Executive of the Highways Agency gone to work today? Or the Director General of the BBC? Or everybody in Whitehall? Or have they thought, no, I'll stay at home and work on line?


  1. Yes, a sense of proportion is needed the Guardian online has a caption "walker trudges through snow" making sound like she's retreating from moscow when in fact she's having a jaunty walk with her dog.,,2008345,00.html

  2. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Half our office stayed at home today, on account of about 2 inches of snow which had disappeared by lunchtime!

    Is this really the England of Scott and Shackleton, he harumphed?

  3. Apparently it's been snowing in England.

    Legal_Man, Glasgow