Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Letting the strainer take the strain

Betty's is the name of a small chain of high-end tea shops situated in various Yorkshire county towns. Ever since I can remember they've been a by-word for high quality tucker and service which steps straight out of Catherine Cookson novel. My mum worked as a cashier in the Leeds branch before the war and in later years would let slip how the girls who worked there had to move swiftly to evade the amorous attentions of the owner. Anyway, I'm delighted to note that the firm is going strong. We went to Betty's in York yesterday en famille and enjoyed a serene hour or so eating Welsh Rarebit, Yorkshire Fat Rascals and other specialities of the house. It's a priceless experience. And this is how you serve tea.


  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Nice to hear you were in my neck of the woods, Mr Hepworth. As somebody who works in Harrogate (where Betty's originated from) and lives in Leeds, I’ve always been mystified at the attraction of this place! Next time you’re in the vicinity, let me know. I know some equally capable places that know how to serve tea, in Leeds city market, only at one fifth of the price and with a genuine legacy of much, much more interesting history.

  2. Snap! After a particularly well made cake the otherday we where musing on the need for a Yorkshire cafe in london somewhere to get a decent spot of tea. The cafe i went to in the covered market was farly ordinary, the chippy down the side's good though.