Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing's gonna change their world

Bobby Gillespie was just being honest when he told Word he didn't give a fuck about global warming. When it come to this issue we're all caught in a greenhouse with a pocketful of stones but rock stars are in another league altogether when it comes to spending the planet's resources. They can make all the statements they like but if there's a conflict between their careers and the planet, career wins every time.
The daily business of being a rock star involves a profligate waste of electricity and airplane fuel; they gather around them vast retinues and fleets of pantechnicons such as would make Eddie Stobart blush; they consider they have a God-given right to invade the peace and quiet of anyone unfortunate enough to live in the vicinity of their open air gigs; whenever one of their records stiffs they blame it on the fact that the record company didn't flood the outlets by over-producing copies; they are incapable of going anywhere unaccompanied or by public transport; they buy huge houses that they rarely visit; their indulgence in drugs supports corrupt governments and criminal cartels and wherever they go they tend to leave a trail of waste.
Hardly eco-warriors, no matter how many songs they sing about it.

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  1. On a bitterly cold Dublin day like this one, even the most ardent tree hugger would welcome a bit of global warming.