Friday, January 12, 2007

Joni Mitchell in concert

Last night I happened to catch the last few numbers of a BBC In Concert recording of Joni Mitchell from 1970. There she was in a long frock surrounded by a small selection of adoring fans. She was looking beautiful and sounding astonishingly good. She played California with a dulcimer on her lap, then Big Yellow Taxi and then Both Sides Now, all of which were only months old at the time. Amazing to reflect that she'd only been a professional singer for a few years at that point and yet she'd already laid down the foundation stones of her reputation. This isn't "early Joni Mitchell". It's the finished item. She's said to be making a comeback this year and if that includes some live work, these are the songs that people are going to be calling for.

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  1. I think that Joni Mitchell ticks all of the boxes that qualify her as a major major artist - she has longevity and has made a lot of records - she reflects on the world around her and creates a new one - she is bloodyminded - her work changes and develops over time (eg the original Both Sides, Now and the orchestral version used on the soundtrack of Love Actually from Travelogue the same song but they tell totally different stories) - and she has written some of the best songs in the world ever.
    Jim Morrison is described as a genius in the month's Word 'more than a music magazine' - albeit by one of his bandmates - we should be a bit more careful with the word, methinks.