Saturday, January 27, 2007

Going the pretty way

The fuss about Prince Charles's carbon footprint in the light of his visit to the USA to pick up an environmental award makes me wonder whether we might ever see the return of passenger liner travel between the UK and New York. I'm no great lover of flying and I still recall my English teacher telling us we will never understand the United States unless we sailed in to New York harbour and saw it as the immigrants saw it. Last time I was in New York I stayed across the Hudson in Hoboken and was amazed at the number of modern ocean liners from Scandinavia that kept zipping past my hotel room window (left). They're presumably holidaymakers spending the kids' inheritance on their way to the Caribbean but it was good to see that the routes were still being used.

1 comment:

  1. I doubt this will happen for business travel due to the obvious time and logistical problems. Any radical changes to the way we travel are far into the future. It will take a significant event to change the majority of attitudes. Even then as long as its about making profit, then environmentally, we be f***ed, as it were.