Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Ukraine crisis reminds me of an old board game

I can remember being introduced to the board game Diplomacy in the early 70s. It was based on the map of Europe in the late 19th century; it had countries like Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine on it. In those days you assumed these had all disappeared into the Soviet bloc, never to emerge again. The world seemed simpler then.


  1. As I remember, Sevastopol was a pivotal location on the Diplomacy board.

  2. There's a great game called "Twilight Struggle" with one player being Soviets and the other American and the 1945-1989 time frame.

    Recently it's seemed inappropriate for me to play it.

    *the captcha to this comment displays "containment".

  3. Diplomacy - best board game ever. Except if you were Germany as you could not win if you were. Would have been good if the German high command had tried it out in 1913.

  4. Many years ago we had a very long running game in the office , with one move a day, at lunchtime. The boss had to intervene as people spent more time plotting and making alliances than getting on with the job in hand.

  5. Without Sevastopol, Russia didn't stand a chance. I've certainly reflected on that a few times in the last couple of weeks.