Monday, March 03, 2014

On May 12th I'm talking to Mark Ellen about rock stars and life. Come along

A friend found this picture of me and Mark Ellen in the BBC archive. It was taken in Golden Square. Mark says it was autumn 1982. That's one of the reasons he's written his memoir Rock Stars Stole My Life! He remembers things and, despite appearances, he's very organised when it comes to keeping a record.

The book comes out on May 12th and on that evening I'm going to be talking to him about it at a Word In Your Ear Event at the Slaughtered Lamb. Tickets are on sale here. You'd better hurry. They seem to be going quickly.

Old hacks keep asking me if I've read any of it. I haven't yet. I will of course.

P.S. In another Word In Your Ear event at the Slaughtered Lamb I'll be talking to Ben Watt about his sensational memoir Romany and Tom on Friday, March 28th. This will be an early evening show which also features music from Vinny Peculiar and the fabulous My Darling Clementine. Tickets for that one here.


  1. Can foreign listeners offer any kind of bribe for someone to turn a tape recorder on for the talk?

  2. 'Evening. Will copies of Mr Ellen's book be on sale on the night or should I just get over to Amazon? Will he be signing them as well as talking about it on 12th May? Thanks.

  3. Yes. Signed copies will be on sale.

  4. Surely Mark will have to leave you to host the evening yourself David seeing as his beloved Queen's Park Rangers are now at home in the Championship playoffs that very evening?