Sunday, July 07, 2013

Why MPs really should lay off rock

In The Independent MP Karen Buck contributes to a list of the most overrated bands of the 60s. As follows:
5. Fairport Convention "Liege and Leaf got five stars but no one actually played it. Or if they did, they were too stoned to remember." Karen Buck, Labour MP.
I know the MP hasn't been born who can resist expressing an opinion about music but you would have thought that if she actually had heard the record she would know:

  1. How to spell the record's name;
  2. "Liege And Lief" didn't get five stars because in those days star ratings were unknown;
  3. Fairport fans were never particularly big stoners, tending to prefer woolly ale;
  4. It came out a few weeks before 1970 so it's barely a 60s record at all;
  5. It was and remains one of the most-played records of its era.
Apart from that, all correct.


  1. And she was 11 years old in 1969?!

  2. star ratings came in during the 20s, didn't they? that's certainly the case for films.

  3. Never mind, in that list Fairport are in better company than the weasels who compiled it will ever be. Walk Awhile.
    Al Fyfe

  4. First album I ever bought (I still play it, even in moments of sobriety). Then I went back and discovered the two great albums they'd already released in that same year, either side of the van crash that killed two people including their drummer and seriously injured other members of the band.
    I guess the woman's trying to be clever, but she's just made herself look foolish.

  5. Anyway, Fairport are one of the most underrated bands. Whenever I start banging on about them most people don't know who I'm talking about.
    I reckon this one's only mentioned them as a grudge against someone who she imagines has wronged her.

  6. I agree with the last one of the ten, the Beatles, for the reason given - that no one, not even a band as excellent as the Beatles, could possibly have been as good as the Beatles are supposed to have been. Otherwise the list just sounds like sour grapes all round.